street street noun (abbr. St, st) • a public road in a city or town that has houses and buildings on six side or both sides • 大街;街道:
»The bank is just across the street.
»to walk along / down / up the street
»the townˈs narrow cobbled streets
»92nd Street
第 92 大街
»10 Downing Street
唐宁街 10 号
»He is used to being recognized in the street.
»a street map / plan of York
»street theatre / musicians
»My office is at street level (= on the ground floor).
»Itˈs not safe to walk the streets at night.
--› see also backstreet , high street , side street --› note at road 【IDIOMS】 (out) on the ˈstreets / ˈstreet •(informal) without a home; outside, not in a house or other building • 无家可归;流落街头;在外面大街上:
»the problems of young people living on the streets
»If it had been left to me I would have put him out on the street long ago.
on / walking the ˈstreets • working as a prostitute • 做妓女;靠卖淫为生 ˈstreets ahead (of sb / sth) (BrE, informal) • much better or more advanced than sb / sth else • (比某人或事物)好得多,先进得多:
»a country that is streets ahead in the control of environmental pollution
the streets are ˌpaved with ˈgold • (saying) used to say that it seems easy to make money in a place • (表示在某地挣钱容易)遍地都是黄金 (right) up your ˈstreet (especially BrE) (NAmE usually (right) up your ˈalley) (informal) • very suitable for you because it is sth that you know a lot about or are very interested in • (正)适合你;(正)和你对口:
»This job seems right up your street.
--› more at easy adj., hit v., man n.
* * *
n. 街, 街道

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